YONDERLAND Returns For Series 3

Sky’s surreal comedy Yonderland returns to Sky 1 this Sunday 16th October at 6:30pm for its third series.

Created, written by and starring HH client MATHEW BAYNTON, the weirdly wonderful series follows 33-year-old mum Debbie Maddox's adventures in Yonderland where most of the characters happen to be puppets and with only an Elf by her side. In Series 3, the evil Imperatrix is no more – killed when she terminated the robotic weapon which shared her life force. With her gone, Negatus now answers to no-one and can seize control of Yonderland for himself. But how will his fellow Overlords respond to the departure of Her Eminence?

Arriving in the show this year for the first time is our very own STEPHEN FRY who joins the cast as mysterious returning Elder, Cuddly Dick. Recently released from prison, he is a charming, avuncular eccentric who loves nothing more than to spread love and kindness (as well as plenty of hugs and kisses). But there may be more to his persona beneath this warm and affable exterior...

Tune in on Sunday for the premiere! Here's the trailer, featuring STEPHEN in his fun new role (and a sneak peek of MATHEW at the end):