Mathew Baynton's GHOSTS Are Back!

The BBC's hilarious hit 2019 sitcom Ghosts - written by and starring our brilliant MATHEW BAYNTON and cast by the wonderful KELLY VALENTINE HENDRY - returns on Monday for its second spooky series.

Once again, the series comes courtesy of Mathew and the comedy troupe behind Horrible Histories and Yonderland, delivering some charming gags and characters that are fun for the whole family.

Series Two sees young couple Mike and Alison continue to cope with the challenge of refurbishing a grand old mansion infested with ghosts. Alison exhibits greater control over her ability to see the dead, as she attempts to master the juggling act of keeping each of her distinct ghouls happy. Expect to see plenty more of prudish Lady Fanny Button, failed poet Thomas Thorne, adorable Georgian noblewoman Kitty and the rest of the undead gang, as secrets from their past finally come to light.

Ghosts Series Two is six episodes long and premieres Monday 21 September at 8:30pm on BBC One, airing weekly. Don't miss it! Trailer below.