Broadway Boyle: Rave Reviews For Anthony's Scorpius!

Huge congrats to our brilliant ANTHONY BOYLE who has been receiving rave reviews across the board for his starring role as Scorpius Malfoy in the Broadway transfer of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two.

Anthony won the 2017 Olivier Award for Best Supporting Actor for the show's West End run, and he has already received two nominations for his performance in New York: a Drama League Award nomination for Distinguished Performance and an Outer Critics Circle nomination for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play.

If you're in New York, catch Anthony's star-making performance at the Lyric Theatre. Check out what the press have been saying below:

“A show-stealing performance”
Ben Brantley, NEW YORK TIMES

“The fabulous Boyle, whose emotional energy empowers the production” 

“A special shout-out to Anthony Boyle as Scorpius. As the lovably awkward super-nerd who has to grapple with his family’s Death Eater legacy, and whose friendship with Albus forms the tender heart of the play, he steals the show.”
Tim Teeman & Katie Baker, THE DAILY BEAST

Greg Evans, DEADLINE

“Boyle plays Scorpius with a ferocious nerve and mischievous wit; he’s funny and heartbreaking and applies a vexing if effective quantity of outbursts to service his character’s epiphanic moments.”

“The discovery here is Boyle. His comic timing, nervous mannerisms and endearing awkwardness even in moments of triumph make him a quintessential Rowling character and a winning new addition."

“Scorpius Malfoy—the tremendously talented Anthony Boyle carries a huge portion of the show on his skinny shoulders. Boyle, who won an Olivier for his performance in London, is channelling a young Rowan Atkinson in a chlorine-blonde wig: He’s all gangly, awkward gestures, bursts of enthusiasm that come out somewhere between a snort and a shriek, and expert comic timing of the hopelessly-uncool-guy variety. He’s also—and this is critical if you’re an actor in a Rowling-based universe—incredibly skilled at converting large passages of exposition into dramatic action through the sheer energy of his delivery.” 

“A true cast stand-out”
Erin Strecker, MASHABLE

“The stand-out is Boyle, who is extraordinarily good.”
Ann Treneman, THE TIMES (London)

Marilyn Stasio, VARIETY 

Adam Feldman, TIME OUT NY 

“While Albus has the celebrity dad, it’s Scorpius who is the show’s breakout character. Nerdy and enthusiastic, Scorpius is sunny in the face of a total lack of encouragement from his scornful classmates. He’s played by the goofy, blinky Boyle with a rueful self-awareness.”
Dan Kois, SLATE

“As for the cast, it's perfection, down to every member of the huge ensemble. The show really belongs to the impeccable performances of Clemmett's Albus and Boyle's Scorpius.”
Barbara Schuler, NEWSDAY

“Boyle’s screechy phobic Scorpius is a standout”
Alexis Soloski, THE GUARDIAN

“As Scorpius, Boyle nearly steals the entire production, with his manic, funny and poignant take on the ultimate lonely teenager.”