Will Poulter Burns Bright In DETROIT!

Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow's spectacular new film Detroit opens in UK cinemas this week, starring our amazing WILL POULTER in one of the leading roles.

The film is a look back at the civil unrest that descended on the American city for five days during summer 1967, known as one of the most violent revolts in U.S. history.

Will gives an electirfying and towering performance as Krauss, an aggressive, manipulative and murderous policeman.

Rave reviews have been pouring in across the board for both Will and the film as a whole. According to Empire magazine, "Poulter’s casting as Detroit’s dictatorial cop is a masterstroke!" The Metro describes Detroit as "a visceral masterpiece", calling Will's performance "gut-wrenching...It would be easy to slip into panto villain territory with this role, but the British actor absolutely nails it" - a sentiment echoed by scores of reviews. 

Go see this stunning white-knuckle-ride of a movie on the big screen this weekend and marvel at Will's terrifying performance while trying to catch your breath! Trailer below.