Manjinder's BAD MOVE

The grass isn't always greener in ITV's brand new sitcom Bad Move, starring MANJINDER VIRK.

This new six-part series starts Wednesday 20 September at 8pm on ITV and tells the story of married couple Steve and Nicky (played by Jack Dee and Kerry Godliman) who move to the countryside from the city to make a fresh start. But it soon all goes horribly wrong as they discover living a simple existence in beautiful surroundings is not all it's cracked up to be. Thanks to unscrupulous estate agents, architects and builders squeezing more money out of the couple, they find themselves in a financial situation that means there is no going back.

Manjinder stars as Meena who, along with her husband Matt and their children, turn out to be Steve and Nicky's nearest - and very annoyingly perfect - neighbours.

Filmed in the picturesque North Yorkshire Moors, Bad Move is a family comedy set in a stunning countryside location. Tune in next Wednesday for the premiere and check out the trailer below.