Vanessa Kirby Steals THE CROWN!

Internationally acclaimed Netflix Original series The Crown returns to the streaming service this week for its highly anticipated second series, with all ten episodes being made available on the same day (Friday 8 December).

The Crown charts the early days of Queen Elizabeth II’s tenure as British monarch and is Netflix's most expensive series ever produced. This second season is somewhat of an HH extravaganza, starring not one, not two, but EIGHT Hamilton Hodell clients! 

Our amazing VANESSA KIRBY returns to the show to reprise her role as Princess Margaret, delivering an exceptional, standout performance that is being raved about by critics around the world. See some of her well-deserved praise below.

Also starring in the second series will be MICHAEL C. HALL (as John F. Kennedy), GEMMA WHELAN (as Patricia), LEONIE BENESCH (as Princess Cecile), BERTIE CARVEL (as Robin Day), LUCY RUSSELL (as Edwina Mountbatten), RYAN SAMPSON (as Dudley Moore) and EDWARD BLUEMEL.

Watch the series trailer below and don't miss what is set to be one of the highlights of this festive season!

“Standout performances, from Vanessa Kirby…Kirby’s performance – part spoilt princess, part frightened little girl, part cynical soak – manages to capture Margaret’s many complex shades”

“Vanessa Kirby is luminous as lush Princess Margaret”

“Episode 4 of Season 2, titled “Beryl,” is the best of the lot. Focusing on Princess Margaret, who’s still recovering from losing her husband-to-be, Vanessa Kirby delivers a commanding, moving turn.” 

“superb scene-stealing Vanessa Kirby”

“Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret continues to be the show’s secret weapon, stealing thunder at every opportunity”

“Vanessa Kirby is even better in season two as Margaret’s vulnerability and anger comes out in full force. She’s funny but difficult, loveable but loathsome, drinking too much and being overdramatic and winding up her sister.”

“a very welcome appearance by Kirby, whose energy and teasing, modern incredulity at the pomposity of palace life make her one of the show's most pleasing elements. 

“Vanessa Kirby simply shines as the royal sister”

“Beryl, which focuses on Margaret (the dynamic and gorgeously costumed Vanessa Kirby) …is a season standout.”

“Vanessa Kirby, the scene-stealer of the whole show”