Big Cannes Wins for Kahleen and Lucy!

The closing ceremony of the 2016 Cannes film festival took place this weekend and huge congrats go to HH clients KAHLEEN CRAWFORD and LUCY RUSSELL, each associated with winning films.

First up is British director Ken Loach's film I, Daniel Blake, which won the coveted Palme d'Or award, voted for by the Cannes Jury. This festival-winning film was cast by long-time Loach collaborator, HH Casting Director client KAHLEEN CRAWFORD. It sets out to warn against the dangers of austerity, documenting what happens when an older man living in Newcastle has a heart attack and can no longer do his job; he is declared 'fit for work', his benefits are stopped and he begins to go hungry.

On winning the award, Loach said of his topical and important film: "We must give a message of hope, we must say another world is possible...We are in the grip of a dangerous project of austerity driven by ideas that we call neo-liberalism that have brought us to near catastrophe." Check out the trailer below.

Congrats KAHLEEN, a well-deserved win!


In another awards category, Cannes sensation and critics' favourite Toni Erdmann, which stars LUCY RUSSELL, won the International Critics’ Prize for Best Picture in Cannes Competition, a plaudit awarded by the International Federation of Film Critics (Fipresci).

Described by Variety magazine as "a humane, hilarious triumph", the German film, directed by Maren Ade, received the highest ever critics rating for a film In Competition at Cannes.

A dark comedy that is making audiences squirm with nervous laughter, the insightful and hilarious film provides an episodic, slow-building study of reluctantly shared depression as it follows a prank-prone father trying to lighten up his serious businesswoman daughter Ines. LUCY stars as Steph, one of Ines' insincere ex-pat friends; a relationship which the Hollywood Reporter describes as "one of the film’s greatest comic triumphs".

Check out the trailer below. Congrats LUCY!