Mark Rylance

To contact Mark Rylance with non work-related enquiries, please follow the guidelines below.

Contact Info:

Hamilton Hodell represent Mark for film and television exclusively.

For theatre, radio and all other enquiries, contact Meryl Robertson at

Further career information is available on Mark's personal website –

From Mark:

Regarding SCRIPTS, any for films should be sent to Hamilton Hodell. I have limited time for reading theatre scripts, so please enquire before sending them.

All FILM BUSINESS should be sent to Christian Hodell at Hamilton Hodell, 20 Golden Square, London, W1F 9JL

IF YOU ARE A CHARITY OR ARE SEEKING CHARITY, please understand that I have decided to focus my work as a patron and donor on the charities I already support and won't be considering any new requests. I will also be focusing all of my support for young actors at the academy that trained me.

IF YOU ARE A FAN, please also understand that I can no longer sign photographs or cards sent, or receive gifts or books. I will endeavour to sign things in person when I am acting in the theatre and at premieres of films. I will not be able to respond to email messages, much as I appreciate your kindness.

Do note, that I’m not active on SOCIAL MEDIA so any postings on Facebook, Twitter and so forth, have no connection with me.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Rylance